Who We Are

Managing Director

Yvonne Gilfillan, MSc, BA(Hons)

With an eclectic career spanning over 30 years, I started my career in the public sector (local authority) before moving to the private sector in array of different industries as diverse as hospitality, retail, tourism and logistics…. all this before heading to University as a mature student and subsequently becoming a Lecturer for both the Schools of Law and Applied Social Science.

Over the years, there has been significant tidal shifts in business attitudes, industry types and government policies – none of which have really helped address the issues of delivering true social value and positive impact for the community in which we live and engage with.

Never one to shirk away from asking questions and constantly driven to seek answers, my academic chapter (both as student, tutor and lecturer) is one, which I reflect on fondly. However, the questions remain the same….

  • Why are there so many young people not engaging with the curriculum?
  • Why are so many young people excluded or sanctioned for behavioural issues?
  • Why is discrimination and prejudice still so rife?
  • Why is the gap between the rich and poor widening?
  • Why is there still such a high number of unemployment?
  • How can we bridge the skills gap?
  • How can we change behaviours and improve culture and performance?
  • How can we improve health, safety and mental well-being?



With all these questions, I knew a long time ago that I wanted to help people and make a difference!
In 2011, in between lecturing, I started a new career venture in the civil engineering and construction sector. Keen to learn, I immersed myself in roles that involved wearing a multitude of hats before taking on a role as CSR Manager, working on some of the largest infrastructure projects in Scotland in excess of £1.3b.Working within this industry, I became aware of issues including those around people engagement; communications; supplier quality and onboarding; health & safety; community benefits; client expectations; risk; transparency; CITB funding; contractor profiles -v- reality; and auditing and reporting of deliverables (particularly those relating to apprentice numbers).These issues permeate the industry and it is my fervent wish that my team at Infinite Fusion use their skills, creativity, passion and experience to address those wherever possible, and ensure that people-rights are protected, their voices are heard, and we leave a positive legacy that we can all be proud of.

What can we do for you?​

We are a team of specialist Management Consultants who provide expert advice and assistance in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Social Value, Educational Engagement and Training, Occupational Safety, Health and Well-Being and Quality Management.


CSR, Social Value, Education and Training

Corporate Social Responsibility should be something every company and organisation irrespective of size or industry should recognise, commit to, have policies for, and demonstrate application of.

With a commitment to delivering positive outcomes for both the people and planet, Infinite Fusion should be your proactive, passionate partners of choice to help deliver your CSR vision and optimise the social value derived through your business operations.


What-IF Programmes

What-IF is a coaching and motivational programme designed to help encourage, guide and empower individuals to visualise, aim and succeed in achieving success. The tips, techniques and tools for success will be shared in order that if the individual commits to the programme and the daily routines required, then they can become the very best version of themselves.


Health & Safety

Our Chartered Occupational Safety and Health professionals can provide expert advice and offer simple and understandable solutions to meet your legal obligations and moral duties. We will assist in all aspects of health and safety management including policies, procedures, safe systems of work, risk assessment, inspections, audits, training, quality management and much, much more.