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What We Do

We are a team of specialist Management Consultants who can provide expert advice and assistance in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Social Value, Educational Engagement and Training, Occupational Safety and Health and Quality Management.

For business to be successful, you are completely reliant on the support and engagement of the people you employ. Having the right people, with the right attitudes and commitment, who are engaged in what they do, will have a tremendous impact on your business reputation and your ability to engage with the wider local communities. This is where we feel Infinite Fusion can truly make a difference. We specialise in coaching, mentoring and developing people, attitudes and behaviours, culture and performance providing the lifelong skills for success.

We are truly passionate about enhancing people and performance and recognise that within industry at large, there are significant employment shortages and skills gaps in the market. We work tirelessly with educational partners, organisations and industry bodies to identify the shortages and gaps, implement interventions and provide training and skills development, which in turn offer individuals a guided pathway to potential employment and career opportunities.

As with everything in business today, the successful management of health, safety, mental well-being and quality systems are paramount to your success. Our Chartered Occupational Safety and Health Consultants will provide expert advice and offer simple and understandable solutions to ensure legal compliance and moral duties as a responsible employer. We assist in all aspects of health and safety management including policies, procedures, risk assessments, safe systems of work, workplace inspections, audits, incident investigation, training, quality management and much, much more.


CSR, Social Value, Education and Training

Corporate Social Responsibility should be something every company and organisation irrespective of size or industry should recognise, commit to, have policies for, and demonstrate application of.

With a commitment to delivering positive outcomes for both the people and planet, Infinite Fusion should be your proactive, passionate partners of choice to help deliver your CSR vision and optimise the social value derived through your business operations.


What-IF Programmes

What-IF is a coaching and motivational programme designed to help encourage, guide and empower individuals to visualise, aim and succeed in achieving success. The tips, techniques and tools for success will be shared in order that if the individual commits to the programme and the daily routines required, then they can become the very best version of themselves.


Health & Safety

Our Chartered Occupational Safety and Health professionals can provide expert advice and offer simple and understandable solutions to meet your legal obligations and moral duties. We will assist in all aspects of health and safety management including policies, procedures, safe systems of work, risk assessment, inspections, audits, training, quality management and much, much more.



Dr Yvonne Hail

University of Stirling

”Yvonne is passionate about lifting people.  She is all about doing the best for Scottish society and making sure it is fair and has a future.  A natural educator, she loves to engage and support people”. 

ceca small

Grahame Barn

Chief Executive, CECA Scotland

“It is rare to work with someone who exudes as much positivity and drive as Yvonne.  She is a delight to work with and has exceptional skills in motivation and leadership.  I find her enthusiasm both inspiring and stimulating.  More to the point, Yvonne has delivered tangible positive outcomes for CECA via the programmes that she has developed to meet our specific requirements.  She is definitely one of the best around!”